Global parachute development

Professional & affordable options to consider.

Yes It's Possible to hire professional, accredited, and motivated parachute consultants without having to pay prime industry rates.  As a veteran owned small business, we understand the need for professional and affordable service.  The United States Department of Defense entrusts us for parachute support and we hope you will too!

About us

We're A Veteran owned small business (Military & Smokejumper) that specialize in advanced parachute applications.  Parachute research and development, packing, rigging, maintenance, and technical consultancy.  

We Help Create specialized parachute capabilities for American and Foreign associates alike.  Our experience spans over two decades.  Our consultancy has helped replace legacy military static-line and free fall systems while establishing Joint Precision Air Drop System (JPADS) capabilities.  

We Are Professional, affordable, and global parachute consultants.  Please contact us to learn more about our scheduling, validation, and our professional experience.  


How Many Private Parachute Consultants have military, federal, civilian, and private industry (OEM) backgrounds?  How many have actual live-operational personnel, air drop, and cutting-edge R&D experience?  And how many are actually rated for global specialized training?  We are all of the above. 

We are involved with (JPADS) New Equipment Training for the U.S. ARMY, Marine Corps, and Foreign associates alike.  Contact us and learn more about why governments and private industry trust and consult with us.


Saudis Parachute Crates Of Arms From The Sky Into Yemen

Saudi Arabia has reportedly airdropped crates of weapons into the strategic port city of Aden, where a battle for control of the city is ongoing, according to locals and news websites in Yemen. Houthi rebels have stormed the presidential palace in Aden as a part of their ongoing battle with pro-government forces, who are being backed by Saudi-led airstrikes in an operation Riyadh has dubbed “Decisive Storm.”

Smokejumper Training

US/DOI/BLM Alaska & Great Basin Smokejumpers

Our advanced HAHO training revealed that we were flying our parachutes heavy-handed. The training was outside of our normal operational scope, but proved invaluable - making the DZ from 18K out was remarkable.

Our Certification

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With early six decades of combined government experience (mostly in the field), we're ready to take on what you dish out.  You can't fake aviation... and certainly not parachutes!

Please contact us today to learn more about our past, present, and ultimate experiences.